Stockholm Office

Bo-Lennart Eskilsson

Chief Security Officer

Kristian Gylling

Global CFO

Andrew Stevenson

Head of Trading & Custody Product

Jacob Hamacher


Mathieu Duchêne

Head of Client Delivery

Paris Office

Gaëlle Allin

Chief Human Resources Officer 

Beatrice Chevrant Breton

Head of Legal for MFEX France and

Deputy CEO MFEX France 

Jean Devambez

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Nicolas Ducrocq

Head of Data Solutions 

Valerie Kaliski

Head of The Global Fund Watch and Operational Due Diligence Services

Carl Palmér

Chief Products Officer

Luxembourg Office

Anthone Dart

Head of Legal

Virginie Loisel

Managing Director of MFEX Luxembourg S.A. 

Madrid Office

Antonio Manso

Managing Director MFEX Iberia 


Sales (Spain)

Ortiz del Rio

Singapore Office

Steffen Ahlers

Managing Director of MFEX Asia

Hong Kong Office

Sara Wong

Managing Director of MFEX Hong Kong

Kuala Lumpur Office

Seng Hong Kok

Managing Director, Malaysia 

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