A One-Stop Solution for Fund Information. 

Use MFEX to solve all your fund data needs


As one of the leading funds platforms in Europe, our dynamic and constantly growing fund universe provides us with the unique opportunity to be the one-stop-solution when it comes to fund information. Our solutions provide you with all the fund information you need according to your requirements within a custom-made solution. 

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Tailor-made, customer-oriented solutions

Fund Documents

Legal Documentation (KIID, Prospectus, factsheets)

On-line dedicated web portal (Linx)

Scalable customizable and secured delivery methods 

Regulatory Data

Dedicated service on Regulatory Data (MIFID 2 and PRIIPS) with huge coverage and high data quality enforced by completeness, format and coherence controls 

Raw Data

Brand your fact sheets

Display graphs and KIIDs

Fact sheet information (top holdings, regions and sector breakdown, etc.)


Supporting Your Logistics to Meet MiFID II Requirements

A Unique Service

  • Centralised

  • Transparent

  • Comprehensive

Asset Segregation

Flexibility to handle different business activities


Rebates calculation at end investor level

Data Exchange

Fund data collection, aggregation and dissemination

Due Diligence

Global Fund Watch
Operational Due Diligence

Enjoy the benefits of our data solutions service

Save time and resources by allowing us to gather, format and organise data on your behalf

Quick and efficient delivery of all your fund information via our online tools, which provide you with one centralised access point 

Customised MiFID II and PRIIPS data which helps you meet all your regulatory requirements


Real time transparency on your portfolios and distribution network


A platform for distributors to view existing and open new tickets for requests

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