Widen your market, reduce your costs and save time 

Fully Transparent and Independent Global Coverage.

With 350 major distributors across 52 countries and 5 continents, one single contract with us will grant you access to new sales channels in multiple jurisdictions, allowing you to efficiently manage and optimise all your distribution needs at one single access point.

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Dedicated Relationship Management

  • Centralised contract lifecycle management.

  • A dedicated contact person, enabling you to coordinate and optimize the relationship with your clients.

  • Access to marketing information and dedicated events with distributors

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Trailer Fees Services and Reporting​

  • Rebate Flow Management from distributors holdings identification to payment

  • Centralized reconciliation, invoicing and settlement towards all distributors

  • Direct access to trailer fees data and invoices via the MFEX web-based application (“Linx”)

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Trading and Custody Services

  • Real time trading & settlement of fund orders. Aggregation of distributors’ orders & payments.

  • Sub-custody of fund units with the fund company’s official custodian.

  • ISO 20022 standard.

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Record Keeping and Reporting On Your Funds

  • Access to the MFEX web-based application (“Linx”) for onboarding and managing the relationship of your distributors.

  • Transparent reporting on the distribution channels.

  • Market intelligence

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Fund Information Management

  • Fund documents collection and dissemination (prospectus, KIID, local addendums, annual reports).

  • Collection, analysis and dissemination of European MiFID Templates (EMT) and European PRIIPs Templates (EPT).

  • Fund Market data (NAVs, dividends) dissemination.

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  • Centralization and safekeeping of the distributors’ AML and KYC documents.

  • Performance of due diligence and risk assessment on distributors.

  • Access to negative target market reports from distributors.

  • Sanctions screening.

Enjoy the benefits of our fund company services

Increase sales by taking advantage of our distribution network which includes 350 major distributors spread across 52 countries and 5 continents

Centralise all of your fund distribution needs with MFEX so that you can efficiently administrate and optimise your sales

Improve your regulatory efficiency and effectively manage your fund information with our digital tools


Real time transparency on your portfolios and distribution network

Regulatory compliance monitoring

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