Full Transparency and Contractual Payment of Rebates.

A clear legal and operational framework

MFEX offers a simple solution for computing and collecting rebates in full compliance with the regulations of the different countries where MFEX operates.

Based on distribution agreements with 920 fund companies from 51 legal domiciles, MFEX is able to calculate and collect rebates on behalf of clients.

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920 distribution agreements with fund companies covering 72 000 funds

Single global agreement covering a wide range of funds with each fund company

MFEX manages the computation, calculation and collection of rebates

MFEX provides a contractual payment of rebates to clients after the end of the quarter


Our Process


MFEX signs a single global agreement with a fund company, covering a wide range of its funds in multiple jurisdictions 



MFEX continually adds new fund agreements on behalf of its clients

MFEX fully administers the legal relationship with all the fund companies.

MFEX administers the computation, calculation and collection of rebates - based on the positions held by the distributor.

MFEX pays rebates with full transparency and full traceablity, and pays trailer fees in a range of different currencies

Enjoy the benefits of our fund distribution services

Independent and transparent towards fund companies and distributors, with full traceability of redemptions and holdings

Simplified rebates collection process for clients, with one single rebate payment each quarter 

MFEX manages one single distribution agreement with each client, giving access to all our fund company partners


Real time transparency on your portfolios and distribution network


A platform for distributors to view existing and open new tickets for requests

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