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Monday, 24th May 2021

MFEX together with Cellenza & Microsoft, carried out a machine learning project

A need to automate data collection. We operate in an industry that stirs up tons of data, often scattered across various documents. This data was collected by hand, in a wide variety of files which also arrived via different channels. A tedious job that represents the equivalent of three full-time positions.

MFEX together with Cellenza & Microsoft, carried out a machine learning project

In 2020, MFEX planned to launch a Robotic Process Automation project to automate the collection of data relating to financial transactions.

To carry out a Proof Of Concept of the project, MFEX chose to join forces with Cellenza, responsible for building the solution on Azure infrastructures.

Benefits for MFEX and our clients

  • Reallocation of time : direct impact on our product strategy, launch of a new line of products on hedge funds, and more coming.

  • Save time and coverage : MFEX is now able to integrate more information on the hedge fund activity.

  • The ability to absorb a ramp-up : MFEX is now able to take in a massive onboarding load.

  • A gain in terms of revenue and visibility.

On arrival, the results are more than positive. " We launched in November 2020 and in March 2021, we already had very significant results" said Nicolas Ducrocq, MFEX Head of Data Solutions .  An extended project

This project demonstrates our commitment to work with modern technologies, whilst remaining in control and minimizing risk. In line with our values of an Agile organisation, we in a constant and controlled innovation process focused on positively impacting real life business cases." shared Jacob Hamacher, MFEX CTO.

Building on this success, MFEX has decided to extend the smart automation project to our Trading team.

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