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Monday, 16th November 2020

MFEX updates its service offering with EMT V3

The third version of the European MiFID Template will be soon adopted as the new industry standard on December 10th, 2020, following its initial release in December last year.

MFEX updates its service offering with EMT V3

The EMT enables the transmission of MiFID II data throughout the EU. This new version of the template better standardises the information on target market and costs between asset managers and distributors, as required under the MiFID II legislative framework. The update marks a major evolution in the exchange of regulatory data associated with funds.

The update extends EMT scope of application, for example the Financial Instrument Product Type has now more detailed classifications (ETC, Bonds, etc.).

Regarding funds instruments, share class types will be better identified with new flags for performance fee, distribution, or payment of distribution. Moreover, a new modular approach is displayed: there will be a reference date for each part of the EMT so as to reflect the period for which the data is actually applicable (Target Market, Ex-ante data, Ex-post data).

In order to help asset managers and distributors successfully navigate this change, MFEX has updated its service offering while keeping stored EMT V1 data at clients’ disposal. Our Data Solutions services provide fund information according to clients’ requirements, to help them meet their MiFID II obligations. Along with our distributors, we have started the final testing period for EMT V3 files, as the official deadline established by FinDatEx approaches.

MFEX has implemented a set of controls of different nature:

  • Initial formal requirements

  • Material completeness

  • Consistency with the industry reality

  • Multi-field coherence

Thanks to our proprietary software, a high-quality data delivery is guaranteed. Delta reports and new detailed alerts will allow our clients to monitor the evolution of their data.

MFEX has taken this opportunity to enhance the service: our new offer is a highly customizable delivery solution.

For more information please contact us: info@mfex.com

Disclaimer: The material contained in this note has been prepared for general information purposes only and is not intended to be, nor should it be used as, a legal proposal, solicitation, report or conclusion of any kind.

MFEX does not make any representation as to the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, correctness or suitability for a specific purpose. This information should not be considered as a determining element when making a decision regarding the convenience or inconvenience of carrying out any type of operation, project or any decision based on it.

MFEX does not assume any responsibility for any action taken in relation to the information contained in this note, nor for direct or indirect damages derived from the use of the same, its contents or assessments.

Any unauthorized use of the material contained in this note will be at the user's own risk. The reproduction, distribution and publication of the material contained in this note is prohibited except with the express consent of MFEX.

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