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Sunday, 10th October 2021

Paolo Bucci joined the 3rd Fundplat GmbH «Experts Roundtable» in Lugano 2021

Paolo Bucci Country Head of Italy joined the 3rd Fundplat GmbH «Experts Roundtable» in Lugano on 5 October 2021, where he shared his view on how MFEX joining Euroclear will help create an added value for clients by providing a unique entry point for mutual funds, ETFs and alternatives and offering the Swiss market alternative investment solutions.

Paolo Bucci joined the 3rd Fundplat GmbH «Experts Roundtable» in Lugano 2021

Interviewer: Ladies and Gentlemen, what investment solutions do you present to investors in Lugano?

Bucci: Thanks for the questions as we feel it is relevant to a flexible, sustainable and in continuous development company like MFEX. During the last years, apart refining the quality of our two service pillars trading & custody and rebate collection, MFEX worked in order to place itself as a business partner that would quickly adapt to the regulatory and operational developments. For this reason we enhanced our data solutions and compliance tools, adding them to our product offering. More in concrete we observe in the Swiss market a particular attention to alternative investment solutions that are already available in our platform. Finally, thanks to the recent announcement of Euroclear Group acquiring MFEX, it represents a partnership that will create a significant value added for our clients, providing a unique entry point for mutual funds, ETFs and alternative investments.

Interviewer: Do you make differences between individual financial centres or is the offer always the same?

Bucci: MFEX distinguishes itself in the market by offering ad-hoc solutions and listening to the needs of their clients. Flexibility in this market is a must and MFEX offers customized services to our clients. Nevertheless, we have a strong presence in all major financial centers providing solutions which are well recognized by the financial market. Thanks to this international flavour blended with local know-how, MFEX is considered as a trusted actor, driving discussion for the development of the funds industry.

Interviewer: How did the year go for your company, can you already reveal something for 2022 (e.g. new products)?

Bucci: In the last years we have seen globally more interest in MFEX services and consequently an important growth in our client range and products. Infact, thanks to the entrance of MFEX into Euroclear Group, we will be able to respond to a market need to collaborate with a one-stop shop, providing solutions for the whole spectrum of financial intermediaries needs. This is led by a cost rationalism where financial intermediaries privilege having business with counterparties that can enhance scalability, cost efficiency and risk management. Above reasoning will generate a solution providing clearing, issuing, collateral management and global fund distribution solution.

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