MFEX Officially Launches a Hedge Fund Service for All Clients.

By integrating the expertise acquired following our partnerships with RBC and Société Générale together with significant platforms upgrades, MFEX is in a position to offer all clients a high quality, Hedge Fund Service.

MFEX Hedge Fund Universe today covers over 6 000 funds and 450 Fund Managers.

The expert teams based in Luxembourg and Kuala Lumpur, who currently work seamlessly to cover the geographical range and operational complexities for RBC and SGSS clients, are now available to all clients.

Key benefits include:

  • Single counterpart and system for all Hedge and Mutual fund activity

  • Order flow fully automated between client and MFEX

  • Proactive client service and operational teams dedicated to providing the best service

  • Real-time detailed transaction reporting on MFEX Trading Web available at all times

  • Coverage of Hedge fund order and corporate action specificities

Additionally, a Price Chasing service is available, where MFEX continually chases the Fund Managers to receive interim and final Hedge Fund Prices to provide up-to-date valuations for investors.

As with all other products, MFEX’s modular approach offers all clients the option to build their own tailor-made set of value-added services around Hedge Funds.

If you are interested in finding out more about how our Hedge Fund service, please contact us at