MFEX Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2020

Dear Partners, We hope that your beginning of 2020 was fruitful. We look forward to developing our relationship over the course of the new decade. We would like to take this opportunity to share our recent news with you.


  • MFEX ESG Breakfast Event - 9th March - Madrid


We are proud to announce that we have launched a new website: The new MFEX website has been redesigned in order to improve the structure and aesthetic, with an emphasis on our Nordic heritage. On the new site, you can find information about our services, upcoming events, company news, and more. We hope that you enjoy using the new website!


After a successful year of After Funds events, we are pleased to announce that our 2020 events calendar expands into new markets.

In 2019, we hosted events in Stockholm, Oslo, Luxembourg, Brussels, and most recently in Paris – an event which attracted over 90 guests from the fund industry.

In 2020 we will build on the success of 2019, and double the number of events. We will continue with After Funds in Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Oslo and Stockholm, and will also add events in Geneva, Madrid, Milan, London and Singapore.

For more information, please contact Raphael Simon.


The new year began with a lot of changes in the regulatory landscape. MiFID II EMT Version 3 has arrived and with it comes improvements to regulatory reporting. There will be a transition period until December 2020, during which MFEX will support new and old versions of the MiFID II regulatory data. We also expect to receive news on changes to the PRIIPs Key Information Documents (KIDs). The amendments proposed could be applied to existing PRIIPs during 2021 before the expected end of the UCITS exemption.  Use MFEX to solve all your fund data needs and keep up with the most recent regulatory changes. To find out more, please contact your sales manager or email us at


Arca Fondi SGR is one of the biggest Italian asset managers, with a 35-year long track record. Arca Fondi offers a broad range of mutual funds owning diversified holdings in all types of financial assets and all main geographical areas. Its leading funds still include two launched in September 1984: Arca BB and Arca RR Diversified Bond, which continue the three and a half decades of Arca Fondi’s asset management tradition.

Graphene Investments is a French, entrepreneurial specialist of US and Japanese equity management. Its stock selection processes are directly based on the CIO’s experience of successfully managing these two key markets for almost 20 years before founding Graphene Investments. Customers are primarily professional investors.

La Française Investment Solutions (LFIS) is a Paris based asset manager established in 2013. LFIS combines quantitative asset management and investment banking expertise to deliver innovative, award-winning alternative funds focused on premia and credit, multi-asset funds, and dedicated solutions. LFIS has $13 billion in assets under management as of December 30th 2019.

Established in 1993, Hong-Kong based Value Partners is one of Asia's largest independent asset management firms offering world-class investment services and products for institutional and individual clients globally. Its investment strategies cover equities, fixed income, alternatives, multi-asset and Quantitative Investment Solutions.


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Please get in contact with us, if you require more information on platform services.