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The avoidance of loss due to operational failures


MFEX's Operational Due Diligence (ODD) service focuses on understanding an asset manager’s organisation and internal operations in order to protect investors from losses due to operational failures. Using MFEX's ODD service allows you to properly manage your counter-party and reputational risk.

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We have 10 years experience in Operational Due Diligence (ODD) services, which provide investors with a better understanding of the asset managers' operational environment. Based on industry best practices, we offer a third party analysis based on 5 key pillars:


Our coverage of over 100 fund companies allows distributors and institutional investors to have a deep understanding of their counterparties' risks.

The Need for Operational Due Diligence Services

Common Belief:

Investors believe that their capital will be subjected

to loss or gain primarily due to market and

investment-related factors


Most fund managers’ failures have been linked

to non-investment related factors

MFEX Solution:

We provide a concise Operational Due Diligence (ODD)

report with one final opinion on whether or not an asset manager follows correct operational due diligence processes

Compliance With The Global Fund Watch


The Global Fund Watch enables companies to fulfil their KYC and AML obligations in a simple, fast and secure way. 

The Global Fund Watch is a fully-owned subsidiary of MFEX.

1350 financial players

centralise their KYC

information & documents

Instantaneous digital access

between asset managers

and fund distributors

Highest security standards

and credentials for a reliable


Efficient follow-up thanks

to automatic alerts, reminders

and dashboard


Legal Entities


New counterparties per day



The Global Fund Watch is a platform based on a reliable technology, with more than 1350 management companies and distributors interacting daily to satisfy Due Diligence requirements.

The Global Fund Watch has a single interface, allowing compliance teams to collect, back-up, centralise and archive all required documents, exchanges and comments related to KYC, AML, MIFID, etc., in a few clicks.


They also allow access to counterparts who need to perform Due Diligences on their companies.

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Enjoy the benefits of our regulatory services

Inform yourself about counterparties' due diligence in order to protect yourself against losses due to operational failures

Increase the amount of time and resources you have at your disposal through the digitalisation of your processes

Benefit from our technological solutions which allow you to enjoy large network effects and a more efficient service


Regulatory compliance monitoring

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