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MFEXbyEuroclear offers a complete solution for fund trading, rebates collection, data solutions, fund company services, compliance and due diligence.


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Fund Distributor Services

MFEXbyEuroclear offers a complete solution for trading & custody, fund distribution, data solutions, and regulatory compliance services.

Trading & Custody

Centralise and streamline all your trading needs with our automated trading solution.

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Fund Distribution

Tap into a diverse pool of investors and simplify your rebates collection process.

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Data Solutions

Obtain and analyse your fund data with our one-stop business intelligence solution.

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Operational Due Diligence

Manage your risk and compliance with our operational due diligence services.

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Fund Management Company Services

Fund Management Company Services

MFEXbyEuroclear offers a suite of best-in-class services built for your fund distribution needs.

Platform Services

Manage & optimise all your distribution needs with one single access point.

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Distribution Network Solutions

Access to new sales channels across the globe with one single contract.

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AML & KYC Services

For Fund Professionals

MFEXbyEuroclear grants you access to our digital regtech platform - Global Fund Watch - to manage all your KYC and compliance needs.

Global Fund Watch

AML & KYC - Global Fund Watch

Obtain easy, secured and fast access to KYC and compliance counterparties’ information.

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Our Digital Tools

Our in-house built digital tools offer innovative and flexible solutions to efficiently manage and optimise all your fund distribution needs in real time.

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A platform for fund distributors to view existing and open new tickets for requests

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Regulatory compliance monitoring tool to access KYC and compliance counterparties’ information

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Business Analytics and real time transparency on your distribution network

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The one-stop solution for fund order management, where fund distributors can place trade orders

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