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Distribution Network Solutions

MFEXbyEuroclear proposes a streamlined and optimised solution with the goal of alleviating the administrative and operational aspects linked with managing an extensive network of distributors, so you can refocus on your core activities.

Fund Management Company Services

Optimised Efficiencies Through Distribution Network Solutions

We Actively Manage the Relationships with Your Entire Distribution Network

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Distribution Network Solutions

Exclusive Partner for Enhanced Fund Distribution

We Offer Transparency, Efficiency, and Flexibility for Your Fund Distribution

Fee Management

  • Integrated dataflows from the fund distributor and the custodian / transfer agent

  • Rebates calculation, reconciliation and payment on a quarterly basis

Contract Management

  • Flexible organisation with efficient fund distributor onboarding

  • Management of fund distribution agreements with regulatory monitoring

Compliance Oversight

  • Due diligence of fund distributors via our digital compliance platform, Global Fund Watch

  • Distributor negative reporting / negative target market

Consolidated Reporting

  • Comprehensive assets and rebates tracking, measurement of market & trading effect and complete overview of distributor network

Fund Distributor Insights

  • Transparency & reporting on distribution activity

  • Distributor’s jurisdiction, top investments, holdings evolution

  • Business analytics via key metrics & selected data visualisations

Status Monitoring

  • Fund Distributor onboarding status

  • Invoicing status in real time, access to detailed invoices

Distribution Network Solutions

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Distributor Network Solutions


Online access to analytical reporting & fund distributors’ dynamics


Focus on commercial relationship by externalising administrative and operational management of entire fund distributor network


Strict application of commercial policy, dedicated teams and reinforced system security


Completely adaptable and modular solutions

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Distributor Network Solutions

Our Digital Tools

Our in-house built digital tools offer innovative and flexible solutions to efficiently manage and optimise all your fund distribution needs in real time.

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Business Analytics and real time transparency on your distribution network

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Euroclear GlobalWatch, a regulatory compliance monitoring tool to access KYC and compliance counterparties’ information

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