Market Intelligence Tool, MINT, provides asset managers with transparency on Euroclear’s unique global investor data universe,encompassing over EUR 3 trillion of funds' investments. Through MINT, you can analyse flows, improve your distribution strategy, and grow your assets.


Explore the Power of MINT

Key Features

Active Funds
Total Funds
Active Fund Management Companies
Active Distributors

Obtain All Your Fund Data Needs

Discover how to improve your distribution strategy

Real-time Market Insights

  • Uncover market trends as they are happening

  • React to market events faster than your competitors

Distribution Strategy Optimisation

  • Analyse distributor flows to pinpoint the most efficient distribution channels

  • Evaluate the size of a new market for your funds before you enter

Tailored Product Development

  • Maximise revenue by optimising your fee structure

  • Understand which factors drive flows so that you can enhance your product development process

Peer Group Comparison

  • Measure your relative performance against peer groups that you can define

  • Discover distribution channels used by similar funds

Data Export Functionality

  • Seamlessly integrate MINT data into your own systems to complement your own datasets

  • Customise your export through multiple filters and breakdowns

Future-Ready Features

  • Constant expansion of our dataset, including private markets data, ETFs, and alternative funds

  • Upcoming features include predictive analysis, a dedicated ESG section, and more

Unlock the Benefits of MINT

Large Coverage

Up to 3000 fund management companies, +2000 active distributors and 450 k total funds in our database 


Gain transparency down to the sub-distributor level with global aggregated flows, facilitating informed decision-making

Unique Data Scope

Access Euroclear's extensive fund offering, comprising global and local financial institutional and investor data totaling EUR 3 trillion

Client-Centric Roadmap:

Count on MINT's ambitious roadmap, driven by client feedback, ensuring the tool evolves to meet your evolving needs

Unlock the Benefits of MINT

New Market Intelligence solution for Asset Managers

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