Fund Management Company Services

Platform Services

With 3000 major fund distributors across the globe, MFEXbyEuroclear is a leading fund distribution platform. One single contract will give you access to an extensive network of sub-distributors.

Fund Management Company Services

A One-Stop Solution for Fund Management Companies

Transparent & Digitalized Fund Distribution Process

Fund Management Companies

Insurance Companies


Funds of Funds

Fund Distribution Platforms

Platform Services

A Modular Value Proposition to Support B2B Fund Distribution

Customized and Tech-oriented Services for Fund Management Companies

Dedicated Relationship Management

  • Centralised contract lifecycle management

  • A dedicated contact person, enabling you to coordinate and optimize the relationship with your clients

  • Access to marketing information and dedicated events with fund distributors

Trading & Custody Services

  • Real time trading & settlement of fund orders

  • Aggregation of fund distributors’ orders & payments

  • Sub-custody of fund units with the fund management company’s official custodians

Rebates Services & Reporting

  • Rebate flow management, from fund distributors’ holdings identification to payment

  • Centralised reconciliation, invoicing, and settlement towards all fund distributors

Data Intelligence

  • Consolidated overview of your counterparties to the agreement

  • Transparency and reporting on your network distribution activity

  • Business analytics

Data Solutions

  • Fund documents collection and dissemination (prospectus, KIID, local addendums, annual reports)

  • Collection and analysis of European Templates for MiFID (EMT), PRIIPs (EPT) and ESG (EET)

  • Fund Market data dissemination (NAVs, dividends)

AML & KYC Monitoring

  • Centralisation and safekeeping of AML & KYC documents

  • Digitalisation of due diligence and risk assessment on your counterparties

  • Access to a large network of counterparties

Platform Services

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Platform Services

Large Fund Distribution Network

Increase sales by accessing our global distribution network of 3000 fund distributors across the world

Simplified and Transparent Fund Distribution Process

Centralise all your fund distribution needs, benefit from process efficiencies, and focus on business expansion and growing revenue

Regulatory Efficiency

Improve your regulatory efficiency and effectively manage your fund information with our digital tools

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Platform Services

Our Digital Tools

Our in-house built digital tools offer innovative and flexible solutions to efficiently manage and optimise all your fund distribution needs in real time.

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Business Analytics and real time transparency on your distribution network

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Euroclear GlobalWatch, a regulatory compliance monitoring tool to access KYC and compliance counterparties’ information

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