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Operational Due Diligence Services

Our Operational Due Diligence Services – ODDS focus on asset managers’ organisation and operational capabilities. Using ODDS allows fund distributors to properly manage counterparty and reputational risks.

Fund Distributor Services

An Exclusive Service For Fund Distributors

Focus on Operational & Organisational Capabilities of Asset Managers

Fund Distributors

Operational Due Diligence

The Need for Operational Due Diligence Services

A Concise Report on Asset Managers’ Operational Capabilities

10-Year Track Record

  • Recognized excellence and integrity

  • Deep knowledge of the industry

Unique Proprietary Model

  • Comprehensive questionnaire for an in-depth analysis

  • Confidential

100% Dedicated Team

  • Experienced analysts

  • 100% dedicated to analysis and follow-up

Clear-cut Opinion & Scoring

  • Single scoring for each of the 5 analysed pillars

  • One final score and a binary opinion

Report + 2 Years Follow-up

  • Rigorous follow-up

  • Market news

ESG Focus

  • Dedicated ESG reports for an in-depth evaluation of ESG capabilities of asset managers

Operational Due Diligence

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Risk & Regulatory Services

Improve Your Counterparty Risk Monitoring

Opinion at a glance

Benefit From an External Opinion

No conflict of interest nor bias in the reports and scoring provided

ESG Focus

Ensure Asset managers ESG capabilities are robust

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Risk & Regulatory Services

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