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Fund Distributor Services

Trading & Custody

We offer a complete solution for fund trading, custody and rebates, giving you one single access point to global fund markets. You will have access to our proprietary state of the art system as well as a dedicated relationship manager.

Fund Distributor Services

A One-Stop Solution for Funds Trading

Possibility of Trading Your Mutual Funds & Hedge Funds with Us

Fund Management Companies

Fund Distributors

Trading & Custody

Automation, Flexibility and Transparency

An Automated Solution for Trading, Execution & Settlement

Trading (Mutual & Hedge Funds)

  • Efficient and scalable trading services, including one communication channel for both mutual funds & hedge funds trading

  • Real time order and status information directly on digital in-house tool (Trading Web)


  • We directly open accounts with official registrar or TA

  • Client assets fully segregated from our assets


  • In-house built advanced transfer solution and experienced team

  • We process 10,000 transfers per month in multiple markets

Corporate Actions

  • We work with official Transfer Agents and multiple information providers to pre-advise and report events

  • Option to receive the income in cash or units

Reconciliation Units/Cash

  • Real-time reconciliation of all clients' cash

  • Full traceability on transactions and balances on digital in-house tool (Trading Web)

Management Cash

  • Segregated and secure cash model

  • Different cash account options to support client needs

Trading & Custody

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Trading & Custody Services


Simplify your fund trading with our fully automated trading system that allows you to centralise and streamline all your trading needs

Lower Risk

Lower your risk with our custody solution, which fully segregates clients' assets and involves no other custodians

Dedicated Relationship Management

Benefit from dedicated relationship management, giving you a single point of access through a member of our experienced team

Enjoy the Benefits of Our Trading & Custody Services

Our Digital Tools

Our in-house built digital tools offer innovative and flexible solutions to efficiently manage and optimise all your fund distribution needs in real time.

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A platform for fund distributors to view existing and open new tickets for requests

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The one-stop solution for fund order management, where fund distributors can place trade orders

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